Magnesium Basics

See what experts say about our magnesium deficiency situation including how 1 single magnesium infusion can protect us for 5 years.

Learn the four facts we all need to know about magnesium – including why our body deteriorates without it, and why deficiency can lead to practically any disease.

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1. Your life depends on magnesium:

Magnesium is a natural element of the earth and without it, life is not possible. Humans need it for over 3700 different processes, including our most vital functions:

  1. Energy & fat loss
  2. Heart health & function
  3. Mental health and function
  4. Sleep and Digestion
  5. Muscle and bone health
  6. Healthy skin and immunity
  7. DNA health and cancer prevention

What are your chances of being deficient in magnesium?

2. How do I know I’m deficient? (Deficiency is epidemic)

Deficiency is now epidemic affecting almost all people who do not supplement. Figure 1 is a general representation of the three primary factors that affect our body’s magnesium levels. The fourth line represents our ability to make our own magnesium, which will always stay at zero.

  1. Stress that drains our magnesium. (rising)
  2. Magnesium in our modern food. (dropping)
  3. Our ability to absorb magnesium from food and pills. (dropping)

1. Stress: Stress includes exercise, poor diet, WIFI & blue light from technology, airborne/household chemical pollution, emotional stress & more.  All stress depletes magnesium because our adrenal glands use magnesium.

2. Food: Modern farming practices have drained our food of magnesium, and fortified it with excess iron and calcium which further deplete our body’s magnesium. Learn more here.

3. Absorption: Stress also damages and inflames our gut which is where magnesium is absorbed into our body. (Even a healthy gut only absorbs 30-40% of a food’s magnesium.)


We are essentially getting less while losing more. This is why experts now agree it is near impossible to maintain healthy magnesium levels without supplementation. 

While not mandatory, testing nutrient levels can show us exactly how deficient we are. However standard magnesium blood tests cannot spot magnesium deficiency. Learn about the most accurate tests here.

3. What happens if I stay deficient? (symptoms)

Because our body needs magnesium for its daily regeneration, and the proper function of every nerve, muscle organ and gene, symptoms of magnesium deficency have two critical factors:

  1. They can show up in any part of our body.
  2.  The longer we stay deficient, the more severe symptoms may become, gradually (and often deceptively) growing from mild discomforts to life-changing, debilitating diseases. This is because our body parts continue to function without the magnesium they need for daily maintenance, detox, immunity, etc.

Click here to see all the symptoms and diseases linked to magnesium deficiency.

4. How do I restore my magnesium?

We recommend a well-rounded approach to restore and keep healthy magnesium levels:

  1. Use a trusted magnesium supplement daily.  See the different forms of magnesium, and learn why we recommend magnesium chloride as the basis for magnesium restoration.
  2. Eat magnesium-rich. Learn which tricky foods to avoid, and which foods to indulge in.
  3. Limit all forms of stress that have no health benefits. See all the prescription drugs that drain magnesium here. See all forms of stress that drain magnesium here. 

For active people: Please understand that exercise depletes magnesium, and that frequent intense exercise without magnesium supplementation can increase risk of disease. 2017 Ι This website is designed by the artists at  Ι Contact us at