Magnesium Deficiency Resource

Scientists know that every nerve, muscle, organ and gene needs magnesium and that magnesium deficiency now affects over 90% of people. iMag Library is an info resource to help people resolve their deficiency.

Magnesium Deficiency Resource

Every nerve, muscle, organ and gene needs magnesium. Due to agricultural depletion,  over 90% of people are deficient. MgHealth is your magnesium resource.

What Is Magnesium?

Everything you need to know about your vital substance, in a simple one page guide.

Find My Symptoms:

Symptoms can affect any body part and grow into various disease if deficiency is not resolved.

Boost My Body:

Our heart, brain, nerves, energy, bones, DNA, gut, skin, sleep & kids all need magnesium.

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Am I Deficient?

Learn about daily nutritional magnesium requirements, magnesium testing, and symptoms of all body parts.

How To Supplement:

Best and worst molecular forms of magnesium, magnesium’s co-nutrients, and the most trusted brands.

Lifestyle Factors

Learn the daily factors that boost and deplete our body’s magnesium including food, stress, drugs, and exercise. 2017 Ι This website is designed and powered by  Ι Contact us at